CP-Bag Whole Chicken

Product Code CP-2020-2
Whole Chicken
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Product Details   

 It is the product obtained by clipping the mouth of the weight classification into a plastic bag.

Product FormBag Pieces In BoxBag Weight kgBox Weight kgShelf Life
Fresh101,4-1,614-168 Day
Frozen101,4-1,614-161 Year
Fresh72,1-2,514,7-17,58 Day
Frozen72,1-2,514,7-17,51 Year
Fresh81,7-2,117-218 Day
Frozen81,7-2,117-211 Year
Fresh42,6-3,310,4--13,208 Day
Fresh121,0-1,210--128 Day
Fresh101,3138 Day
Frozen121,1131 Year
Frozen101,3131 Year
Frozen101,5151 Year
Frozen101,6161 Year
Frozen81,713,61 Year
Frozen81,814,41 Year
Frozen82,116,81 Year
Frozen101,0101 Year
Frozen101,2121 Year
Frozen101,4141 Year
Frozen81,915,21 Year
Frozen82,016,01 Year
Frozen82,217,61 Year